Midland Park United Methodist Church

220 years of service to the Community for the Kingdom of God


Coupons for Christ is a simple way to raise money for our church and missions. By purchasing gift cards a portion of the value is donated back to us. Sometimes the sharing can be over 10% of the card value.

There are a few ways to purchase the cards.

1) You can purchase cards we keep on hand every Sunday from Dick Bennett. You can pay with credit card, cash or check.

2) You can place an order with Dick Bennett from 100s of cards offered by Great Lakes Scrip.

3) You can register at http://www.shopwithscrip.com by obtaining a code from Dick Bennet and pay online by enrolling with Prestopay (similar to Paypal). Many gift cards are e-cards or reloadables, once purchased with Prestopay you can use them right away, there’s even a mobile e-wallet. Prestopay is good for anyone who lives in the moment and likes things to happen immediately!

4) You can also create the order online and pay Dick Bennett with credit card, cash or check. No need to enroll in the Prestopay, but you will not have any e-wallet.

A day of spending and receiving

Kerry started her day with a latte at Starbucks, stopped at Kohls to return a couple things and ended up with a full cart of new things (with the help of a friend along for the ride) and ended the day by purchasing movie tickets for Regal theater. At Starbucks and Kohls, she simply purchased and paid using the Scrip mobile wallet, at Regal she had to print the coupon. Kerry spent about $400 (lattes are expensive!), a big day of personal spending, but also a nice day of receiving for the church – $32. Big spending days are infrequent, but small pleasures like the Starbucks would have added $.95.

If you’d like to participate, but need some help to get started, please contact Mr. Bennett or call the church office and leave a message. We’ll schedule time to guide you through the process.

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