Worship with Us


Sunday Programs – 10:00 am

The Sunday School  begins in the Sanctuary with the rest of the congregation.  The Pastor gives the Children’s Message, after which they go to class.  Both the service and Sunday School end at 11:00.  Our team of dedicated teachers are awesome! You and your children will really like them!

Our Sunday Service is an hour full of worship!  We pray, hear a sermon, we pass the peace.  We some times dance, show videos.  We always sing, (traditional hymns as well as praise songs) learn and always laugh! It is an hour of refreshing and reviving our faith.


During the service we have a Children’s Message and a Special Music performance.

Child care is provided during the worship service.

Holy Communion is celebrated the first Sunday of every month.

Friday Family Service at 7:00 pm

Friday service Feb 17 (2)

Join us for a free dinner and contemporary worship service  in our Fellowship Hall or on our “Great Lawn”!!  A great way to wind down after a busy week and continue to meet with God.


Wednesday Morning Bible Study

Each Wednesday (during the school year) from 10 to 11 there is a gathering at church, in the Choir Room.  Maybe you  are curious, maybe you have read the Bible front to back.  Maybe you are confused!  Come and read the good book with others.  Hear perspectives, make a friend or two…(when the weathers right we are outside in the Prayer Garden.)

Chronological Bible Study

Drop in any time, anywhere in Jesus’ story!  Learn the history surrounding the events. Monday mornings from 10 to 11 at the church in the Choir Room.

Seasonal Studies

Advent and Lenten studies are held every year.  Check our web site under Events for details or call office at 201-445-3787.

Midweek Prayer Night

Many Wednesdays at 7:00 we gather together to pray, bringing our hopes and thankfulness to God.  Call office for dates, 201-445-3787.

Spiritual Book Club

Sometimes a novel is just the format for explaining faith!

Members choose the book and meet at each others homes.

Come find God’s message!


Galilien Service

Sometimes we even hear God’s word by the water’s edge.

Galilean Service.Harriman St. Pk. NYJPG (11)