wesleyThis year, we celebrated the Pentecost Sunday on May 15 th . Before Jesus was ascended, He called his disciples and told them to pray until they received the Holy Spirit. Then they gathered at the upper room and prayed together. We all know the story of the day when they received the Holy Spirit.

They were changed to be a new kind of people who were able to continue the ministries that Jesus had to transform this world to be God’s Kingdom. They became witnesses of Jesus in their daily lives by sharing His love and grace. They experienced the Spiritual Revival.

John Wesley, the founder of the Methodist Church,was a fine man who tried hard to do all the good works as a Christian. But he always felt that there was something missing in his life. After he failed his mission works in Georgia, with a heavy heart he attended a prayer meeting which was led by Moravian Christians. It was on May 24 th , 1738 that John Wesley experienced the Holy Spirit. He wrote about his experience he describes as feeling his “strangely warmed”. He met the Risen Christ. Then he began his ministry that changed 18c.England which was in darkness. It was the Spiritual Revival that touched many people. They were able to see a new hope in Jesus, and they became the Methodist.

Today I see a “Spiritual Revival” in MPUMC. I have been studying and praying with my congregation at Wednesday Prayer meetings. I see that God is changing us to be witnesses of Jesus like the 1c. Christians. With my brothers and sisters, I want to rekindle the Spiritual Revival to change this country like our Methodist forefathers did in 18c.England.

I believe that our Risen Lord Jesus who wants to change this world is with us.

Love you in Christ,