The Kalmbachers visit our Friday Night Service

20160617_205817 We were excited to welcome the Kalmbachers to our Friday Night  Service.    They have been away from Midland Park, where we found Greg had grown up, for seven years.  They were very happy to be back with us and we all had a wonderful dinner and social time together.
The Kalmbachers have been in Indonesia for many years translating the books of the Bible into the native language of Mpur.  They have recently introduced the book of Mark to the native people of Indonesia.
 There is a printed version of some of the books of the Bible but they also have a small electronic device called a story teller that is solar powered and it reads the books they have translated into the native language of the people.  This has become very helpful in spreading the word further as the older generation of Mpur people have started to lose their dialect as many of the younger generation are taking Indonesian as their native language.
The Kalmbachers are on home assignment at this time and are traveling the country visiting their family and supporting churches and will be back at their home in Minnesota in about a month. They are looking forward to be continuing their work from home and having some time here in the U.S. to rest and relax.  They will be returning to Indonesia sporadically for the next few years.
Please pray for them, their family, the staff of Wycliffe Bible translators that they work closely with and pray that the Word of the Lord will be spread and that people will be saved by their good works.