Picture1Recently the Republican and Democratic parties finalized their presidential candidates for this 2016 election.  I didn’t watch  either of the conferences in their entirety.  The parties have many different ideas  for this country, but I didn’t see any difference when the candidates went on stage saying  what they felt in their hearts: they will make this country better.  When  the speakers inspired the delegates from their respective parties they would chant “USA!” Every speaker talked about how they  were sure that they can make a better country and that they know what this country should be. But when I thought about it questioning, “Really?  Is that how God, who gave us this country, really wants us to be?”

This month I want to spend time with you  praying about what MPUMC will be in 2017. When I pray, I really want to receive a New Vision for this church from our God, who has a good plan for us.

Let’s chant “MPUMC! MPUMC! together with God!”


Submitted by Pastor KyuTae Pak