030September 11th is Rally Sunday at our church. We encourage our church members to come to church on this Sunday because Rally Sunday is the first Sunday of this fall season. A long summer is almost over and our vacation as well. It is time to go back to normal life. Children will go back to school to grow more in this fall season. Where will you go to go back to everyday life to grow? I want you to come back to church to grow more spiritually. I also want you to be encouragers for your friends – to lead them to come back to church life for their spiritual well being.  Let us start a new start to make spiritual growth!

 We will answer a simple question: “Why do you go to church?”

Here are my answers: I go to church to meet my God who created me. He loves me and He wants me to grow more to be close to him. I go to church to worship my God and to live with God! He wants me to have new spiritual life with his blessings!

We will answer another simple question:

“Why do you go to Midland Park United Methodist church?”

I have my answers, but I want to make answers with you because we are brothers and sisters in our Lord Jesus.

Love you all in Christ!