20161009_161820.jpg“Plentiful Harvest” is our church’s motto for this year. With this motto in mind, we have been doing ministries. When I look back over the past 10 months, I can see that every ministry we did was God’s blessing.

How can I describe what God has done for us with words? I just want to say, “Thank you God for everything!”  He has given us a bountiful harvest this year! By His grace we were able to have Lenten Small Groups ( after Sunday service) where we shared our spiritual lives with our brothers and sisters after Sunday worship services. This year’s Souper Bowl Sunday was so special in that we collected more than 2000 cans of food for CUMAC. Friday family service has been growing in many ways. God used Friday service to open our church doors to the community and more than 50 people came to each outdoor concert and movie night. VBS was very successful and it caused our Sunday school to grow. We give thanks to God for our spiritually fruitful harvest as it has been plentiful. By God’s blessing the Trustees and our congregation were able to dedicate a new roof on the parsonage. Outreach ministry team upgraded our church website and newsletter, the Accent.  Praise the Lord! We have received 7 new members since the last church conference and the Choir ministry is growing with  a new Music Director.  Mill Garden (an Assistance Living Facility in Midland Park) Sunday worship service is growing with support from many dedicated church members. More and more…we see a plentiful harvest in every ministry and I give thanks to God with you.

“Thank you Lord for all the blessings!”

Pastor KyuTae Pak