Do we, Christians, believe that God can do everything? What do you think? I guess there can be many different answers. Some would say yes to this question and some others would say no. I think that there is no right or wrong answer to that question because I believe that every Christian can have a different experience of God in their life situation. Because of that I don’t judge people with this question.

Here is a question I want to ask you: “Are you experiencing God these days?” We have heard many stories of God in the worship services. We learned and are learning about God through bible studies and spiritual book readings. So we know who God was in the past and how God worked for His people. Then my question is…

How about now? Is the God you know still alive today? Do you meet God today in your everyday life? Does God talk to you?

Jacob learned about God through his parents so he knew Him. But God was a third person for him before he met God. He was just the God of Abraham and the God of Isaac. After Jacob met God at the Jabbok River, God became his God and his life was changed. He experienced “Spiritual Revival.” Then he followed God’s guidance in everyday life and he became the Father of Israel.

In 2017, I want you to meet a God who is alive and real. I want you to say, “The God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob is my God now.” I pray that God who is real will give MPUMC a ‘Spiritual Revival’ in this new year. When we meet God, I’m sure that God will guide us in our daily lives and our lives will be transformed to help us to change this world with Him.

Love you in Christ,