judyHello, everyone – it’s me, Judy.

Each month I will be sharing with you different topics and scriptures. I will share with you what I have learned from the Bible studies I go to, from my devotionals, and also from books that have been authored by men and women the Holy Spirit has given biblical wisdom. I will start off with Liza Curtis Higgs. I first met her and bought her books when I attended a “Women’s Retreat Day” at Hawthorne Gospel Church quite some years ago. She was dynamic, funny, and displayed a beautiful love for God.

One of her chapters deals with scripture memorization and the verse she chose was Isaiah 40:31. This book is entitled 31 Verses to Write on Your Heart. Here is an excerpt from that chapter: “we need emotional strength to weather whatever life throws at us. Above all, we need spiritual strength to stand firm in our faith when others try to tear down what we know to be true. If we wait for the Lord’s help, he assures us we’ll find new strength and a real source of power. Not within ourselves, but from Him. We literally ‘change strength’ from ours to his Incredible. The sun’s up now, and a new day has begun. Whatever the hours ahead may bring, God is ready to carry you through.”

Here is her prayer: “Heavenly Father, when I’m overcome with weariness, I will put my hope in you. I’ll imagine being lifted on your wings, carried high above my earthly cares until they seem smaller, more manageable. Then when my feet touch the ground, I’ll realize You are the One who is managing my life.”

I hope you will get out your Bibles and read this scripture. I also love Isaiah 41:10 – which I have needed these last few months. Another favorite is Psalm 57:1.

God bless you – Judy Ptasienski