Christ is Risen!

We are witnesses to the Easter miracle.  We have seen what God has done in Jesus Christ.

The Tomb is empty and death has been defeated by the power of God.  Yes, a new world has been born and we became Easter People with deep joy and great hope.

I believe that we, 21st century Easter People, need to have more faith in our Lord, the Risen Christ.  We need to live a new life with the  new lens of Easter.  Let us come to God in trust with an Easter Faith and pray for a new start.

What do you want to see in your life with a new start in our Risen Christ?

I want to see many healings in our lives.  I pray that our Lord may touch us in our emotional, physical, and spiritual woundedness.  I want to see the reconciliation of broken relationships.  I believe that our Risen Christ holds  us in our brokenness and renews all by his love and grace.

Easter People!  Let us make a new start with our Lord today.  It was impossible before but it is possible now in our  Lord.

Love you all in Christ,