The topic of this year’s Spring Bible Study was the conversion and call of the Apostle Paul. Before he encountered Jesus on the road to Damascus, Paul was someone who persecuted Christians. He oppressed many people in the name of God but he thought he was doing the right thing for God. Paul thought he was always right and others were wrong if they were not in agreement with him. But after his conversion Paul became a new person. Jesus, his Lord, was always right rather than Paul. Paul was accused and imprisoned by others who did not agree with him. Paul tried to do his best to love them and to set them free from oppression in the name of the Lord.

Paul taught hope – hope in our Lord who does not disappoint. His hope was the reconciliation of all people. Paul taught peace – peace in a new life in Jesus. Through this Hope and Peace, Paul taught Love of God. Even though Paul was beaten and stoned and imprisoned, for him “Love is patient . . . it hopes all things. . . Love never ends.” He believed in a Love that endures crucifixion to realize resurrection.

During the summer months I want you to think about the Hope, Peace, and Love that Paul is revealing to us. Paul who was endowed with a new life in Jesus also received a new “sunny disposition”! This enabled him to share this Hope, Peace, and Love with people wherever he went.

I pray for you to receive the “Sunshine Attitude” that Paul received from God. This summer I want you to enjoy your time in our Lord. Wherever you go, may you be blessed and may you be apostles to the people you meet bringing to them Hope, Peace, and Love of God.