Brothers and Sisters in Christ,
I am in Korea to visit my father and to celebrate his birthday. As you know, my father has been sick since last year. He had back surgery about a month ago. It was not easy for me to make this trip. After thinking about all the love my father has given me throughout my life, it was an easy decision. I must go! I realized that, due to the circumstances of my life, I have not been able to have much time with my father. Quality time with my father is now a priority before I run out of chances.
When I was a little boy and my father was young, I spent most of my time with him. He was always there for me and took care of me whenever I needed his help. During my teenage years I withdrew from my father emotionally and after I became an adult I left my father physically. Since then I have felt that I didn’t need my father’s care anymore because now I was an adult and was able to make a life for myself, by myself.
Now he has become an older man who needs assistance in many ways. He says he can’t help me like he did when I was younger. Our roles have been reversed. I know and I understand this. Now I am a father of three children and must fulfill the role in their lives that my father did in mine. I am not a little boy anymore but I still want to be his little boy. Why is this?
My father’s birthday was July 27 and we had to visit the hospital for an appointment with his doctor. We went together and I was with him, both physically and emotionally. After his hospital visit I treated him to a
birthday lunch celebration at a Korean BBQ restaurant.
I have been doing all that I can to serve him and meet his needs. This has pleased him tremendously and has warmed my heart as well. I felt like his little boy again and am so happy to be his son. I praise God and thank him for giving my father and I this wonderful time together.
Thank you so much for your prayers and support. I will see you in August.
Love you all in Christ, Kyu Tae