As Christians, every year we celebrate Easter Sunday. When Easter comes we say that Christ is risen and we joyfully sing praises of Alleluia. We proclaim that our Lord Jesus is alive. Do we really believe that Jesus who died on the cross is alive today? Have you ever questioned whether you really believe in the resurrection? We also know that He died on the cross about 2000 year ago. Then how can we say that Jesus is alive today? Can it be possible? What do you think? According to the Bible, many of the first century people who experienced Jesus in their real life rejected and denied the Good News of the resurrection. Even some of the disciples of Jesus didn‟t accept the Resurrection. Thomas who was one of the 12 apostles said that he would not believe the risen Christ until he saw and touched him. (John 20:25) He wanted to have scientific proof to believe it. How about people in the 21st century? There are so many people who don‟t believe the resurrection of Jesus today and this is understandable because it is hard to prove the resurrection of Jesus using 21st century technology. It is almost impossible to convince people through the scientific way of explanation. The Resurrection is a mystery of faith. Can you still say that you can believe the Resurrection even though there is no way to prove it? Is there really no way? I can say that there is no way from our side but Jesus, the Risen Christ, comes to us and this is the way. The Risen Christ came to Thomas and said to him. “Do not doubt but believe.”(John 20:27) It is not easy to believe because we have doubt in us. Jesus knows that so he said to Thomas, “Blessed are those who have not seen and yet have come to believe.” (John 20:29) Whether we believe in the Resurrected Jesus or not, throughout history Jesus has continued to do so many ministries to save many peoples‟ lives. Jesus came to people to meet them and people who experienced Jesus in their lives said to Jesus like Thomas did, “Jesus you are My Lord and my God!” Jesus still comes to us to give us new life and new beginnings with his blessings. Let us meet Jesus and see the Risen Christ in our daily life. Do you believe?

Love you in Jesus, KyuTae