We all have counted down to the New Year, 2019, with many hopes. Finally the New Year has arrived! What are your hopes and wishes for the year 2019? I want to see lots of healing in my congregation, in our community, and in our country by the grace of God. That’s what I want and pray for this year. 

We humans are emotional, relational, intellectual, and spiritual beings because we are created in the image of God. These characteristics of being human help us to do great things. But we also tend to easily forget our identity as God’s creation, that came from the dust. When we forget this, usually out of arrogance and sense of insecurity, we often hurt others as well as ourselves. 

I believe that we all need healing that comes from God the creator. When we are hurt by others emotionally and physically, those who inflict pain on us also get hurt relationally and spiritually whether they realize it or not. (Don’t forget that we are all fragile because we are created out of dust.) No one can live a truly peaceful life with unattended wounds. They must be healed by the grace of God who loves us. Last year we saw people who were hurt by others in many places. I believe that self-righteousness was one of main causes of hurting in most cases and self- centered political and economic issues were in the middle of places where hurting happened.  

I pray that God helps us to cut off all the power of darkness that comes from our selfish desire and greed so that we can be true Jesus followers who love and accept others as they are. 

Our God promised that he will heal his people, the sick and the broken. 

Let us go to God with our wounds: self-centered anger, hatred, rudeness, and rejection. 

Let us ask God for his healing. By the grace of God, He will heal our wounds: God centered acceptance, forgiveness, reconciliation, and freedom. 

“I will restore health to you, and your wounds I will heal” Jeremiah 30:17 

Love you in Christ,