Brooklyn-based praise band Helping Hands is scheduled to headline the MPUMC July Outdoor Concert on July 22nd. “We look around and see hundreds and thousands of churches, and yet hardly any of them work together,” says Frank Lucenti, the worship leader of Helping Hands. “Imagine if the church of Christ got together and said let’s do something about this together.” This coming together of different churches was the origin of Helping Hands. “A friend of ours put together a worship night in the city to get churches together. So two guys and a girl from my church mixed with a drummer from their church got together with a different worship team and we had an outstanding night.” Frank continues to imagine: “When different churches get together to fellowship, worship and glorify God, it’s simply beautiful because the Church is putting aside its theological differences and showing love toward one another. I believe we can change the world, just by taking small steps in helping whoever we come across.”

This free event is open to all and features free barbeque dinner.

Friday at 7pm, July 22 at the Great Lawn.