July 19th was an outstanding day for the MPUMC Sunday School students. The students, under the guidance of our worship assistant James Young, took over the entire service.

The prayer for “We meet with God in prayer” was written by the students. We were blessed by the beautiful voice of Paulina Hill for our special music. Paulina will be heading off to college, so we all joined in to wish her well. Griffin Tubbs also graduated but was unable to be with us on the 19th, so we will congratulate him at a later date.

Ryan Bennett did a great job reading the scripture. Thank you, Ryan! A great big thank you goes out to every student for their participation in the sermon. They shared their faith with us so beautifully through speaking and videos, and the congregation was overwhelmed. And the service was followed by an awesome coffee hour!

Thank you to our dedicated teachers, Liz, Annie, Butch, Sharon, Seon Ah, Judy, Ellen & Kerry, for guiding our young people all through the year. We are truly blessed!

Submitted by Barbara Frech