The week long Praise Party is over.  Aah, but the memories and friendships live on! Play dates were scheduled and shouts of “see ya next year” could be heard.

One young camper was so glad she learned to use the Bible.   Another was so happy to have breakfast each morning with his friends. Hugs, laugher, splashing, reading, singing, dancing, making snacks or art projects, sharing, talking, smiling…and praying!

Director Annie Tubbs said  there were ninety children between the ages of 4 and 14 that attended.  They were met by 13 adult counselors and 30 teen volunteers!  Many of these volunteers were alumni!  “We must be doing something right when the campers want to become counselors”,  Liz Charles said.

IMG_2351    IMG_2343

With a bit of sadness the last day came.  However, the gift of those colorful backpacks with notebook, pen, pencil and color markers made everyone smile!

VBS may be over until next year, but the children know that God and Jesus love them forever!

VBS 2016-2