When Whitney (at the lectern) was young she attend our church on a regular basis along with her parents and her brother.  Her job caused her to move out of the area.  This made it difficult to get to  her home church.  (Her family continues attending to this day!)

When our church began having a casual family service on Fridays (along with a meal!) Whitney and her son came a time or two at her families request.  “Monday comes and Conner starts to ask if it is Friday yet! He just loves it” says Whitney.

Deciding it was time to really focus on the spiritual side of their lives Whitney decided it was time to make a pledge…

After the ceremony where they pledged to support our church in service to God, and we pledged to support them in their lives and spiritual growth, our lay leader surprised them with a little gift.  Mom got flowers and Son got his a 6 pack of his favorite-gatorade!