clinic-co-lifting-fog-pan-8-10-300x133Thank you. Thank you to everyone for depositing Labels For Education and Box Tops For Education in the the box in the narthex. They Are on their way to the Red

ird Mission School in Beverly, Kentucky. The town is located in the southeastern corner of Kentucky in the Cumberland Mountains.

Red Bird Mission was established in 1921. The school is under the auspices of the National Program Office of the United Methodist Women. Fran Woodworth, Executive Secretary enthusiastically spoke of the benefits that the labels provide. Each box top is worth ten cents. General Mills will exchange the box tops for up to $20,000. The Campbell labels are being collected to be used to purchase a 9 passenger mini-can. Over 1 million labels are required and a hundred thousand more labels are needed.

Please remember to remove Campbell, Franco-American, Swanson, Pepperidge Farm and V8 labels. Leave them in the designated box on the table in the narthex. Eventually, the Red Bird Mission School will have a new van. Their finances will see an increase of possibly $20,000.

Here are samples of what to look for:


Submitted by Janet S.