Summer has gone and we are now in the new season of fall. When a new season brings new weather, it changes our life’s atmosphere as well. How will you enjoy this new season? What do you want to do this fall? In this new season I want to think about the meaning of relationships that I have – with my God and with my church family. It is not easy for me to do this during the summer months. I spent most of my time and energy in trying to survive the hot weather but now I am in a different season, with a new and fresh frame of mind. It is a good time to reorganize my life in order to live a better life.

This fall, I will lead a new bible study course reflecting on Paul’s first letter to the Thessalonians. Paul became a Christian after he met Jesus Christ on the way to Damascus after which he followed the way of Jesus. Then Paul left on his missional journeys to share the good news that he had received from the Lord.  He traveled to many places and met many different kinds of people but he delivered the same message: Jesus is the Lord. This message changed many people’s lives. Most of them were new Christians who were converted from other religions so they needed Paul’s guidance on how to actually be a Christian. They did not have the benefit of the example of previous generations of Christians. Paul wrote many books (13 books among the 27 books of the New Testament) for them to give them guidance. First Thessalonians is the first book he wrote and this book talks about a new life for new Christians.

I want to think about some questions while studying the first book of Thessalonians: Who am I as a Christian? How is my relationship with God? As a follower of Jesus, how is my relationship with my brothers and sisters in Christ? . . . I want you to think about these questions with me in this new season of fall. How is your relationship with God?

Many blessings,