My brother and sisters, November is here and Thanksgiving Day is fast approaching. How did life treat you in 2017? I know it is a little early to think about our lives over the past year, usually we reserve that for New Year’s Eve, but I think it is a good time to reflect on the past ten months of our lives before Thanksgiving comes.

We usually just live our daily lives without any reflection or evaluation because every day is busy with so much: housework, business, raising children and many other things. The busyness of everyday life does not afford us the breaks we need to have quiet time to think about our Lord who is ever-present in the midst of our lives. We believe that our God is the ruler of the universe and the owner of our lives but in reality, there is often a disconnect between what we believe and how we live. It goes something like this… Sunday is God’s day but the other six days are ours. As people of faith, do we really believe this? Is this how we live our lives? Thanksgiving Day is coming. How do you want to keep Thanksgiving Day this year? Do you want to celebrate this Thanksgiving Day as just another holiday, a day of turkey and stuffing and football? How about this idea? Spend some in quiet reflection. Take a break from daily life and think about how God has worked hard to help you this year. Prayerfully consider how our Lord has blessed you over the course of the past ten months and continues to do so, day in and day out. Pause to think of the moments when you were happy and those times when you were in the middle of tough days. Can you make time to write a list of the blessings that you have received from our Lord? Try this! I am sure that you will have a real Thanksgiving Day this year, not just a holiday but a heartfelt day of praise and thanks for the wonders in our lives. I am convinced that you will see Thanksgiving in a new way, a day of blessing for all that God has done.                                                                 Love you in our Lord, KyuTae