The borough of Midland Park has launched a free digital service to help residents stay informed about events in the community. MPUMC has created an account on this calendar through which we will promote special services, events, and activities that are open to everyone. 

In order for this calendar to be effective people need to sign up to “follow” our calendar. In so doing, email reminders will be sent regarding the events we have posted on our calendar. You do not have to be a resi-dent of Midland Park to sign up for this service. We would encourage you and any of your interested friends and family members to register and “follow” MPUMC. 

To register go to and enter the zip code for Mid-land Park — 07432. If you scroll down you will see MPUMC. Follow the prompts to sign up and choose the organizations you wish to follow. Timely emails will be sent as reminders of upcoming events. 

There is an iPhone app for Bur-bio and it can also be used with Amazon’s Alexa.