THE TURQUOISE TABLE: Finding Community and Connection In Your Own Front Yard 

                                                 THE TURQUOISE TABLE OF MPUMC 

In her book, Kristin Schell, tells her story of wanting to slow down and connect with the people in her area. She gives ideas on how to show your hospitality and overcome barriers that keep you/us from connecting with those around us. 

There is a turquoise table in almost all of the 50 states and in seven countries. Aided by the handy work of Butch S., the Spiritual Book Club of the MPUMC has placed such a table on the front lawn at 269 Godwin Avenue. This is your personal invitation to come and “sit a spell” just hang out; wait for the bus, eat your lunch, watch the cars go by and chat a bit and maybe make a friend. We hope to serve free drinks and possibly garden vegetables to passersby.