1. Who were Adam’s children? 

A. Cain and Abel 

B. Cain, Abel, and Seth 

C. Cain, Able, Seth, and other sons and daughters 

2. Which son of Abraham’s name means “laughter”? 

A. Ishmael B. Isaac C. Esau 

3. Does the UMC have an official translation of the 


A. Yes B. No 

4. In a Protestant Bible, how many books are in 

the Old and New Testaments? 

A. 66 books: 39 OT, 27 NT 

B. 66 books: 27 OT, 39 NT 

C. 73 books: 46 OT, 27 NT 

D. 73 books: 39 OT, 34 NT 

5. Which book of five poems was written in 

response to the capture and destruction of Judah? 

A. Exodus B. 1 Chronicles C. Lamentations 

6. Joseph was Jesus’ earthly father. In Matthew’s 

Gospel, what was Joseph’s father’s name? 

A. Zechariah B. Jacob C. Ezekiel 

7. Which of the following words is used to describe 

a heavenly being in the Bible? 

A. Cherubim 

B. Seraphim 

C. Angel 

D. All of the above 

8. Which angel visited Mary in Nazareth? 

A. Michael B. Malachi C. Gabriel 

9. Which of these miracles is recorded in all 4 gospels? 

A. Jesus raises Lazarus from the dead 

B. Jesus feeds the multitude bread and fish 

C. Jesus walks on water 

D. Jesus turns water into wine 

10.Which disciple said to Jesus, “No, you shall never 

wash my feet”? 

A. Thomas B. Judas C. Peter 



1. C       6. B

2. B       7. D

3. B       8. C

4. A       9. B

5. C      10. C


8-10 correct  Ultimate understanding

4-7 Correct   Moving toward perfection!

0-3 correct      Could use more study! 

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