I just arrived back home on Wednesday night from our family vacation. It was seventeen days and a long journey of 10,000 miles. We flew from Newark to Frankfurt, Germany where we stayed one night and then rented a car to go to Prague. The next day, after about an eight hour drive, we arrived in Prague in the evening. The following day, despite being very tired, I woke up early in the morning to the beautiful sound of church bells. The sound of church bells was literally music to my ears! They played hymns with church bells every morning. 

I thought of the church and the people who live there while I was listening to the sounds of the church bells. I asked myself some questions: Do churches show and guide their people towards a beautiful life like the lovely sound of the bells? How are churches important for the people who listen to the bells? What motivates them to live their lives? When life has worn them down and they are tired, what do they do? Do they go to church to receive a new spirit and healing from the Lord? When they are sleeping without hope for tomorrow, do churches wake them up, inspire them to live for a new day? 

From Prague to the Czech Republic, to every other city and country that I visited, I saw many churches and cathedrals. During our family trip we encountered so many different kinds of people, both tourists and permanent residents. When I visited the churches I had prayer time in the sanctuary with the same questions and I prayed for our church, MPUMC: 

 “Lord, wake us up when September comes to a new breath of fresh air, to receive a new spirit, and to dream your new dreams. 

When September comes, Lord, wake us up to listen to your beautiful music of real life.” 

Love you all in Christ,