Taken from an article on the www umc.org site


October was Pastor Appreciation Month. We all know that our Pastor leads a busy  life with many responsibilities and  pressures that come with that load. However, he is there for us! Here are 15 ways we can be there for him with prayer.

Pray for his growth as a disciple of Jesus Christ. for his spiritual growth

John Wesley instructed his pastors to “never trifle away time.” Pray that our pastor uses time wisely including time for rest.

Pray for our pastor’s entire family.

Pray that as he writes his sermons and prepares the services that he “have the words to communicate what God has placed on his heart”.

Pray for spiritual and emotional strength.

Pray that he can connect with those he visits in hospitals, homes etc.

Pray for his ever growing skills in shepherding (leading) us as we work to bring God’s word to his people.

Pray that God directs the many and often difficult decisions he has to make.

Pray for clear communication when he interacts with others and for grace when there is a misunderstanding.

Pray for him to have strength, wisdom, patience and discernment when it comes to conflicts resolution.

Pray for clarity when seeing where God wants us to go as a church. to have keen vision.

Pray for financial peace for his family and for our church.

Pray for physical health. Pray that  he exercises, eats right and gets plenty of sleep.

Pray  that he is encouraged, that what he is doing is making a difference in our lives.

Send him a text, write a note and pray every day for our